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The inch MacBook and old MacBook Air are being retired, the MacBook Pros have all now been updated, and the result is the cleanest, most consistent lineup we've had since… I don't know… Steve Jobs started pulling things outta manilla envelops. If you just want a Mac you can take pretty much anywhere and do pretty much anything with, and portability and price are your priorities, then you've got the new baseline, the updated MacBook Air.

If you want a good mix of portability and power, and you're willing to pay a little more for it, then you have the newly updated entry-level and higher-end inch MacBook Pro.

New Apple MacBook Pro vs Air (12222) Face-off: We Pick the Winner

If you need power more than portability, and you're willing to pay a lot more — or a lot, lot more — depending on how much power you need — then you've got the inch MacBook Pro. Or, it's got you.

Now, that might sound simple enough, but as always, god and the devil are fighting it out in the details. So, if you want anything more than the standard configs you see on the web or in stores, we're still going to need to break down your options. If you need a new MacBook and that's all you really know or care about, if you're a student or teacher, if you want to work at home and at coffee shops, if you mostly use the web and documents, photos and messaging, get the MacBook Air.

It's not only the least expensive MacBook in Apple's lineup, it's also the simplest. You pick your color, you pick your storage, you pick your memory, and that's it. It's almost iPad simple for people who just want a Mac without all the fuss. And that's what the MacBook Air is for — everyone who wants a traditional computer without the traditional computer hassles.

2018 MacBook Air vs 13" MacBook Pro - Which Mac to buy!

It's just doesn't run quite as fast or as hot. Unlike most computers, even most Macs, there's no options here. Every MacBook Air comes with exactly the same 1. And that's it. That's all. It's like iPad simple. It's got a Retina display, which means a person with average vision from an average working distance can't see pixels, just sharp text and graphics, though at nits and sRGB, it's not as bright or as colorful as the MacBook Pro displays.

Apple just added True Tone as well, which means it now has sensors to read the color temperature in the room and adjust the white point so it always looks white. Not yellow. Not blue. But white. And Apple's latest T2 Security Chip, which makes it harder for anyone to steal or infect your stuff. I mean, it might be fine if you do most of your work online, stream most of your music and videos, and especially if you use Safari instead of a ton of Chrome tabs and Electron apps. And yeah, that 1TB upgrade is now half as expensive as it used to be. And while that's still a lot for just a terabyte of SSD, the price drop combined with the inability to upgrade storage later means digital pack rats or media creators should really start considering it.

Either way, the newly updated MacBook Air really is the new normal for everyone who, like I said, just wants a new Mac to take with them everywhere and do pretty much everything you need doing. See MacBook Air at Apple.

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Specs Compared

If you need a new MacBook but you need it to do quote unquote real work bracket TM close bracket, if you're a pro photographer, videographer, audio producer or engineer, designer or coder, or aspiring to be, then you want the MacBook Pro. Check out its Apple Education site for offers. More on this — see our guide to the Best Laptops for College. Consider it like a sports car. About our links Some of the links on our page will take you directly to a provider or retail website, where you may find deals and discounts. If you make a purchase at this stage, we may receive a payment.

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Suprema, a biometric security company has had its database breached, potentially leaking sensitive data about millions of people. The Biostar 2 database holds fingerprint and facial recognition data for big businesses around the world, as well as passwords, addresses and more. Jack is the Content Manager for Tech. He has been writing about a broad variety of technology subjects for over a decade, both in print and online, including laptops and tablets, gaming, and tech scams.

Compare Mac models

As well as years of experience reviewing the latest tech devices, Jack has also conducted investigative research into a number of tech-related issues, including privacy and fraud. Jack Turner JackTurnerTech. The answer, in very simple terms, is this: Want an all-rounder for general office and home use? Get the MacBook Air. Need a laptop for heavy duty graphic work and complex editing? Get a MacBook Pro. Mobile users scroll right to see full table.

In this guide:. MacBook Pro: Highlights, Pros and Cons Available in inch and inch sizes Powerful specs Retina screen Touch Bar two out of three models Dedicated graphics card on some Pro models In the MacBook line up, the Pro is the pinnacle, making it the most desirable and costly laptop bearing the Apple badge. The reason for this is that it is stuffed with tech, from fast Intel processors up to i7 if you can afford it , to dedicated Radeon graphics cards The MacBook Pro is a beast of a laptop, designed to tackle complex video editing and graphical processing with ease.

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About our links. Did you like this article? These are compatible with Thunderbolt too, so all your displays will still work, and high data transfer rates up to 40Gbps mean you can have all of your data, display and power needs handled by one connection. While there are more Thunderbolt-compatible monitors, drives and dongles available than ever before, the shift to Thunderbolt and the dongle life will still likely be a pain for some.

Which Apple MacBook is best for you? MacBook Air or Pro?

So whether you go for a Pro or an Air, either way, one of your ports will almost always be dedicated to supplying the juice. The lack of a microSD card reader, let alone an SD card reader, is also pretty painful. If this is you, you should pick a MacBook Air over a Pro. That said, given that the whole Air ethos is about being slim, light and portable, well, the new MacBook Pros are that, too. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products.

We may get a commission if you buy via our price links.

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