Add folder on dock mac

You also have the choice of seeing your files in a list, which is more useful for stuff like apps and documents than images. Neither the Stack icon nor the folder was satisfying, so we found something we felt was more appropriate. As you can see then, Stacks are a pretty good way to access a folder without having to open it.

Creating the Stack

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How to Set the Default Program to Open a Certain Type of File in Mac OS X

Adding the app is easy — just select Options, then select Keep in Dock and the app icon will appear in the Dock even after quitting the app. Show in Finder takes the user directly to the app in the Applications folder or whatever other location it is stored in.

Do More with the Dock

This menu gives you several other options right off the bat; you can quit an app easily and quickly by right-clicking the Dock icon and selecting Quit. It used to disappear in a small cloud of smoke, but sadly that animation disappeared from macOS Sierra. The solution? Showing them how to find the Applications folder so they could launch the app, then teaching them how to add it back to the Dock.

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Adding Folders to the Dock One thing you probably noticed in the screenshot above is that there are four folder icons in the right side of the Dock. A vertical line separates the app icons on the left side of the Dock from folders, the Trash and minimized windows on the right side of the Dock. How did those nifty folder icons get there, and what do they represent?

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That icon is added by the Parallels Desktop virtual machine application and provides a quick path to PC apps that can be launched on your Mac. Look for the Documents folder in the sidebar at the left side of the Finder window.

How to Add a Recent Items Folder to Your Mac's Dock

In my case, the Documents folder has been shared on iCloud, so it can be found under the iCloud heading in the sidebar. Holding down the Option key, click on and drag the Documents folder to the right side of the Dock. As you near the Dock, the other icons will spread apart to make room for the new icon. Let go of the mouse or trackpad button, and the folder drops into place.

By default, the folder actually appears as a stack of documents far right in screenshot below :.