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Although the wizard is good at performing higher volume printing of often used addresses, I have Word for Mac set up using the same code provided by Avery to then display a template with all the columns and formatting in place for the more used addresses. X or will work too! A Mailing Wizard window will open and clicking on that will open a dialogue window with fields ready for you to input the address and below that a field where you can choose the type of label you are using, Avery is the most popular, although a few other makes are supported if but minimal.

Using Pages to create Avery Labels

I would avoid using a label sheet made by an unknown local firm of printers unless you are okay with making your own templates by adding in the dimensions yourself, etc. Otherwise to directly answer your question pun intended Word already has that feature for label printing using templates.

What's in this list?

As for Illustrator, I think opening files in Word saved in Illustrator as. PDF and importing that as an image will allow you to then use Word onwards. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Apple plans to launch new Titanium and Ceramic Apple Watch models as early as next month, based on new leaked images found in the watchOS 6 beta….

Customize a Word document to use your Avery® sheet

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Instead of a program, how about templates that work with Pages, Word, or other WP apps? Even for graphics programmes like Illustrator thank you. First, give the name of the label you want to use as an argument to the -t option. By default, LabelNation writes a PostScript file named labelnation. To specify a file name, give it as an argument to the -o option:.

Create Your Own CD and DVD Labels using Free MS Word Templates

To print out a batch of mailing-list labels, use the -d option to specify the delimiter used between addresses in the input file. Be sure to quote it. For example, if you have a file called subscribers.

You can define your own custom sizes by first making a file containing various parameters, which are best described by looking at the parameters of an existing label type. For instance, to get the parameters for Avery labels:.

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Then, instead of giving a label type, call your parameter file as an argument to the -p option:. Print your boxed labels on a piece of scrap paper and hold it up to a label sheet to see if you have the correct size before printing on the label stock. Users of OpenOffice. These templates handle many popular Avery sheets as well as a few others — from printing Verbatim CD labels to those tab inserts used in Oxford hanging file folders.

It understands many common Avery sizes by name, but you can also specify your own dimensions for custom labels or envelopes. Other potentially useful LaTeX label packages include labelmac3 , for printing on Avery labels, and the labels package, which you can use to print various kinds of labels.

Printing Avery labels with Linux

Finally, there are a number of simple command-line scripts that, like LabelNation, take input text and output PostScript formatted for a particular kind of label sheet. The first is avery-address , which prints return address labels on Avery or sheets. To use it, give as quoted arguments the text you want on the three lines of the label.

Then, redirect the output to a file or pipe it to the print spooler or previewer. The second script is avery-tapenum , which writes PostScript output for Avery labels, and can be used for labeling tapes, collections, or anything else with a numeric series.