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I swore by this because everything else made me breakout and they discontinued it. This amazing hypoallergenic mascara. I am on the last dry dregs and can only find super expensive possibly fakes on eBay. My eyes react to everything else. This was the best. Moisturising but not greasy. I bought so many tubes from the USA using a mail forwarding service.

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Leave a comment. Beauty is a fickle business. Jessica Wang. Lifestyle Writer. Listen Now. Georgie - M. Cosmetics Eyeshadow 'All That Glitters' I was devastated to find out that the eyeshadow I wear every day and have done so for seven years has been discontinued!

Jessica - Revlon, Absolutely Fabulous perfume My sister bought me my very first bottle of perfume when I was in my teens and I loved it so much. Angela - Hugo Boss, Orange by Hugo Boss It was so light and lovely; I never got sick of the scent and wore it daily until it was discontinued. Vanessa - Poppy Industries, Shine Pots I remember them having the consistency of a melted lolly pop and were equally as sticky but there was nothing else quite like it at the time.

Shannon - Stila, Color Balm in Olivia I am holding on to my manky AF favourite lipstick, even to the point where the aluminium wrap is separating on to the product and sometimes goes on to my lips no judgmentally please. Chitra - Clinique, Superfit Foundation I swore by this because everything else made me breakout and they discontinued it. Rachel - Clarins Lipstick in 'Lovely Honey' This lipstick has the best natural, complimenting colour and feel.

What's your favourite discontinued beauty product? Tell us in a comment below! Tags: beauty features makeup perfume skincare. They have a page on the top rated lip balms by Real Simple magazine. So, now that my two favorites have been yanked cruelly out of my consumer hands I ask you — What is your favorite lip balm? I have tubes and pots of it stashed all over the house, workshop and car. Never tried the Prada, but now I want to!

My favorite is Labello, which I buy in Canada when there for work. You can order it online and have it shipped. Super cheap and excellent. If you go straight to the Blistex site, you can find out which stores stock the Herbal answer. Their Vitamin E pale pink tube is the bomb. I also like their Hemp Lip Protector green tube, brown cap.

Pepper flavor.

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Good for really pale people like me who are too lazy to put on lipstick all day. The lip balm is amazing, and comes in a million different scents.

I ordered a jasmine one, a vanilla one and a peppermint one. They have loads of other scents tho, so check them out. The owner is very friendly, emails you herself and she even sent me an order after they stopped taking orders for the holidays I was desperate for the Bee Balm. The scent is overpowering, but I got used to it, and I like it.

I also tried Chapstick All Natural, and other than the scent, it was good, but the scent really is a deal breaker.

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Good to know that Aveeno smells similar, so I can rule that out for myself. A few uses of that will make the chappedest lips baby smooth again, just be sure to quickly follow up your good work with a good balm to protect your kisser. Keeps my lips moist, and it smells a bit like green tea. My interests in lip products are many and varied, so I have tons; I keep going back to Origins Cocoa Therapy, a little pricey but a substantial amount and a great, not-overpowering real chocolate scent.

And I agree that anything Bonne Bell does nicely in a pinch their chocolate and strawberry Lip Smackers are nice and waxy. Perfect for me. Pretty cheap too…. I actually use the regular Kiss my Face line not Old Navy which can be found in most natural foods stores. My fave is Mango!

BNIB, % Authentic MAC Tinted Lip Balm "SWEET TOOTH", Discontinued, RARE, | eBay

Loves it. You can buy a 4 pack of different colors.

Bigelow Apothecaries lip formula spf 15 in my stocking this year. I instantly fell in love with it! I am a simple girl, so the Blistex Herbal Answer is my favorite. The Bartell Drugs on 4th Ave. I bought some last night. Maybe the Bartell in your neighborhood has some as well? My absolute favourite on all counts is Perfumeria Gal in red currant flavour — the tin is pretty and big — lots of lip balm in it! I also have the violet one mentioned above but find the fragrance less appealing, and I have another one by the same company in raspberry, which is very artificial tasting.

Smells great but is set firm in the tin and so is hard to apply might soften up if the weather warmed up ever! I buy 20 tubes at a time, in NYC they are almost always very nice and give me a discount—last time I bought them out —that way I end up with a tube almost everywhere you could envision needing lip balm. Just wanted to commiserate. I have never found any Chapstick worth a darn. The Blistex Pro line is no good. Neutrogena Lip Nutrition is no good. I have lots of negative reviews, if you want them.

Another vote for the Whole Foods peppermint — they also have other favs. My absolute favorite :. These are great as a change of pace, but I love how the Neutrogena glides on. My indulgent lip balms are the aveda plain lip balm and this super fancy shiseido one. Oh…I second the recommendation for the Dr.

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Pepper Lip Smacker! I wonder where mine went off to? I absolutely love Carmex, in the pot and not so much the tube.

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I like Carmex British Airways was putting it in their First Class amenity kits for a while — imagine that! Curtiss beeswax lip balm from Kalispell, Montana. Of all the lip balms I sell, I most consistently use Rosebud Salve. It is more of a gel consistency but can be used for so much more than lip balm — diaper rash, makeup remover, on hands and elbows. My son never had diaper rash and I believe I owe it to Rosebud Salve. To echo what others have said above, though, it can be capricious about where it shows up: it disappeared from all of the local stores here in Wisconsin and oh, I checked last year for about 6 months, so when I went to visit some relatives in California I flew back with about 6 extra tubes in my suitcase.

It also comes in a little pot, but I prefer the stick. The smell is nice and green, but not overpowering. I would recommend it to you, especially if you like the Blistex Herbal Answer. My husband reluctantly started using the hemp stick after I suggested that taking better care of his lips might help prevent cold sores. The only bad thing is now I have to buy twice as much :.

Her products can be found at:. She sells lip balm in three flavors: lemon honey, honey beeswax, and chocolate mint. I have tried almost everything, I tend to like thick and slippery vaseline-like balms. Do you think they would still be ok with old expiration dates?