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Ideal when you want to move your license around. One dongle can be used for up to 8 licenses if multiple applications run on the same computer. OnTheAir Studio 3. How to unlock the DEMO version? Purchase a license through one of our resellers or the Softron online store , then just activate your serial number in the License window or plug your dongle in the computer.

  1. OmniPlayer Features. Everything you need, in one end-to-end solution.!
  2. MegaSeg for Mac - Pro DJ Software, Radio Automation & Live Assist Playout.
  3. SAM Broadcaster Pro Mac Edition;
  4. Best Radio Broadcasting Software – Audio Streaming.

If you are using an "old" dongle the ones with a red light , you will need to download the drivers for the HASP dongle here. You do not need to deactivate and reactivate your serial number when updating your Softron software.

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Read the following article to know when to deactivate. Note that you won't be able to analyse as-run-logs with the log analysis tool. Skip to main content.

Best Radio Broadcasting Software You Should Know

Your radio station playout solution with built-in streaming and scheduling. Main features. Icecast is an open source server that you can install and configure on your servers. Both streaming services allow you to stream your radio station very easily and quickly. In OntheAir Studio preferences, simply enter the URL, login and password of your server and you'll be broadcasting within seconds.

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Our radio automation platform provides your team with a full set of state-of-the-art tools for creating, broadcasting and publishing the content your audience loves. At any time. From anywhere. See all OmniPlayer features , meet our customers or contact us. Learn more. Fast radio production tools for editing, ingest and sceduling.

Easy adapt to and manage your radio broadcast production process. Leading broadcasting organisations rely on OmniPlayer to delight their audiences with up-to-the minute audio, visual and interactive content.

Attractive mixer with automatic BPM beat matching and more

Our state-of-the-art radio automation software enables users to work quickly and easily together. Watch the videos to learn how OmniPlayer makes their jobs easier every day. It can be set to obey iTunes Sound Check values and use a more advanced loudness gain tool such as iVolume to set those. For the right radio sound you can edit properties of each track for start, stop, ramp, overlap, fade-in, and fade-out and those values are stored with the audio file even if it moves from Mac to Mac. Professional transitions Use Track Prep in the free Radiologik Scheduler Basic to analyze your tracks ahead of time for best radio transitions. Take it online Finally, for internet broadcasters, use Nicecast to grab audio from Radiologik to process it via Audio Units and VST plugins and stream it via mp3 along with song titles as you like.

Basic and Advanced features are the same download and can be switched from the application menu.

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It uses iTunes as its database utilizing playlists and particularly smart playlists for song selection with its own top logic using a weekly schedule. It supports picks and fills from iTunes playlists with time instructions, artist separation, unique track checking, and best fit exact time searching for top of the hour placement for station IDs or other arbitrary times.

Radiologik Scheduler Advanced is a mode for scheduler which further supports voiceover intros and outros for specific tracks, artists, albums. Radiologik DJ Manual. Radiologik Scheduler Manual.