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Two scenarios will be discussed. First, it is not possible to access the same Lightroom LR database simultaneously from two or more computers. The LR database does not support multiuser access. But you can access the catalog successively. LR blocks the simultaneous access of a database.

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So it is not possible to do this even by mistake and that avoids a database corruption. The LR catalog has to be stored locally to access it with LR. The Cloudstation is a network service of Synology. It is similar to Dropbox, Wuala, Google- or Skydrive but the data is stored on your own server and not on a server of a service provider.

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We visualize the product life-cycle Wikipedia of popular Apple products. Our recommendation are based on past product upgrades and are intended to give Apple fans an orientation of when a new Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod or accessory arrives at the stores.

The Apple Watch was lastly upgraded by Apple on the 21st September The iPhone was lastly upgraded by Apple on the 21st October An upgrade of the MacBook is days overdue. Be patient and wait with your MacBook order.

The MacBook Air was upgraded by Apple 39 days ago. Get one while it's hot! The MacBook Pro was upgraded by Apple 39 days ago. An upgrade of the iMac Pro is days overdue. Be patient and wait with your iMac Pro order. The iMac was lastly upgraded by Apple on the 18th March The Mac mini was lastly upgraded by Apple on the 7th November Can anyone tell me whether the Wait, wha?! Another thing I found out the hard way is that if you accidentally clear your partition table on APFS, there is virtually no way to recover it that I could find.

Better have good backups.

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  • Did this while installing a linux os on external HD and mistakenly selected the wrong disk. The people answering those calls are not IT engineers, so you need to escalate this, or easier find the answers online. Avoid Case-Sensitive formats if you can. See the person a couple spots above.

    Apple Extended Journaled please. The only way to un-APFS is to connect it to another machine and totally wipe it. It takes time, effort, and patience. I have been looking for 3 days for the answer to the upgrade issues with HS. This is a great article and the solution works like a charm.

    50 macOS Mojave Reviews

    Pitty, but —volume option is not available anymore thus I can not install on my 3rd party raid…. How do I go about doing this? Windows doesnt see the APFS disc. Shutdown and restart ALT is still working but is not ideal. But that system has been in place for years like Apple and GCC are big players that probably will not except blame for a while.

    I also noticed that the MacPro 5,1 needs a firmware update. Damn it :. Thanks Paul, will give that a shot.

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    Any ideas? You may need to specify a target hard disk if the target can not be found. Backup first! Why would anyone want to make their network of Apple devices of various vintage plus all of their external drives etc. Presumably that would render them unreadable by a non-High Sierra machine?

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    What factors determine performance improvements or degradation by converting to APFS? There is likely more essential software which is prohibitively incompatible. Will those drives be readable and writable? Thank you.

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    What happens if you have your disk partitioned so you can dual boot two different version of your operating system, eg, Yosemite and High Sierra? Does the Yosemite partition remain HFS? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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