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By continuing to browse the site, closing this banner, scrolling this webpage, or clicking a link, you agree to these cookies. You can review our privacy policy for additional information. I Accept Privacy Policy. What does "doesn't work" mean? Are you referring to the software back button in the browser's toolbar, or some hardware back button on your mouse or keyboard? I added some more information. I meant to say the physical button on the side of my mouse.

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Will try the USB Overdrive suggestion below. I really miss my back button. Richard Ye Richard Ye 2 2. Archagon Archagon 7 I found this solution to be the most elegant and easy to setup. Thank you!

How to Learn 10 Mac Shortcuts

I liked this utility better than the one in the accepted answer: This app works great and is free! Johansson 50 9.

And how would you do that? Can you please add some details to your answer to make it more useful for others? This will work for Finder, but will not for browsers.

Mac 101: Forward delete on a Mac laptop

Viktorminator Viktorminator 4. Finder-only solution.

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  3. ControllerMate to the rescue!.

Crosade Crosade 11 1. Thanks a lot, however I'm not using Mac mouse. I'm using a Razer mouse. Any idea? Andrew Massena Andrew Massena 1. Vapor Edits Vapor Edits 1. Hope this helps. Peter Peter 1. Gobiner Gobiner 1. ControllerMate does not work on Mavericks but Steermouse works fine and is not a total disaster to set up. I use a Finnish keyboard where the [ is together with 8 Alt 8 and when I am in Safari and click my button, it just types 8 on the url bar. I managed to do this on my white MacBook running The command works when using it with the keyboard. What to do? Thanks for this!

You solution worked flawlessly. Open Parallels Preferences. Select Shortcuts. Add the following two mappings to the default Windows profile:. I have confirmed this works with both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, and oughtwork with all other apps that need to use the Back and Forward buttons from a Logitech mouse. It took Apple quite a while of stubbornness to accept that people liked to use mice with more than a single button. They still refuse to recognize that people think that more than two is even better.

ControllerMate to the rescue!

Getting Back / Forward mouse buttons working in Mac OS X – Dan Clarke

Reboot and launch ControllerMate. The first step is to create a new Programming Group: Click on your programming page to display an empty grid. You should now have something like this without the green lines: October 15, Reply. November 17, Reply. Joshua Chua.

December 13, Reply. January 22, Reply.

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